The home furnishing packages at Louisbourg Resort Golf & Spa are mostly craftsman-built with solid wood furniture. We offer lifetime quality furniture in several different packages. These range from leather to fabric upholstery with contemporary, country, mission or traditional themes.

Many different woods including maple, birch, cherry and walnut are used in all of the already completed homes.

The overall concept behind the interior design of the homes in the Louisbourg Resort Golf & Spa project is driven by four primary factors:

  • The interior designs were to be of a luxurious standard for international travelers.
  • Based on the coastal location, and its proximity to enjoying one of the most scenic islands in the world, the interiors were to be unpretentious, warm and inviting.
  • The interiors had to be as green as possible, acknowledging a sensitivity to the impact we had on the location itself, as well as the planet. We were going to limit the off gasing on harmful materials, use reclaimed materials, and buy locally to achieve this goal.
  • The interiors had to offer a wide variety of design styles to appeal to all potential purchasers. Most developments only offered a narrow interior design selection (2-3 styles). CBI Developers wanted to offer many more.

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