Snowmobiling Snowmobiles are one of the most popular activities for Canadians throughout winter.

You can explore one of the many scenic trails on Cape Breton Island by snowmobile.

Rentals and guided tours can be acquired through the resort management.

Skiing Ski Ben Eoin is a premier winter vacation destination and offers a range of experiences for the entire family. Whether you are new to the sport of skiing and snowboarding or a seasoned amateur, Ski Ben Eoin offers an experience for young and old alike.

Located on Route 4, only 35-40 minutes away from the resort, Ski Ben Eoin is close to the urban centre of Sydney. This reputable skiing and snowboarding facility has a dedicated team that takes pride in ensuring each visitor experiences fun and adventure in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Cross Country Skiing Enjoy one of the established cross country skiing routes in Cape Breton Island and discover the wildlife and nature of the Island through a winter wonderland. Guide yourself through freshly fallen snow and leave your imprint across the landscape whilst skiing backcountry.

Whichever trail you choose, whether it is in the resort, national park or Kennington Cove there are a variety of excellent trails which can accommodate all levels of experience.

Snowshoeing Snowshoeing is very popular among Canadians and visitors alike. Experience the untouched winter beauty of nature’s habitat as you tour the backcountry.

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